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- 20100301


Bonds Are Now Thirty Dollars ($30) Dues And Bonds Are Due At The Same Time. If you are going to vote in the elections either by Absentee or at the meeting, your dues need to be paid for the up coming year of 2010, thank you.


I can't bond you unless your dues are current.


Meetings are on the first Friday of the month. They are held at 1st and Auburn at the City Hall Chambers. Board meetings start at 6:00 and the general meeting starts at 6:30.


Our elections will be held at the March meeting. You will find Absentee Ballots in your February newsletter and needs to be sent back in before the March meeting to be counted. You have to be a member in good standing, that is, paid thru 2010. Any member that can't be verified their ballot will be thrown out and not counted, Thank you....


The last time we reviewed our by laws was back in 92. Since then we have added two new Executive Board positions, Director of Governmental Affairs and Mineral Policy Coordinator. We will be voting to ratify the revisions to our By Laws at our March meeting before the elections so we can fill the two above positions. The final draft is out and anybody wanting a copy, you can email Chuck Chase at chase3285@msn.com and I can send you a electronic copy or write to EOMA, By Laws, PO Box 932, Baker City, OR. If you want to vote to ratify the By Laws, you may send in for an Absentee Ballot, but it must be in before the March Meeting the first Friday of the month.


At the last meeting the Executive Board decided that the conflict of the dues and bonds falling on EOMA elections was to big of a conflict at our March meeting. We decided to move them back to January 1, 2011. We apologize for the conflict of changing the dues date, but to vote in the elections your dues must be currently paid up thru 2011. With all the dues pouring in around the first of March it is overloading the Executive Board. The Due date will remain the same for this year, March 1st.


Kim Lethlean EOMA's Medallion Chairman has informed me that he is putting together a medallion display. He is missing a few medallions, specifically a 2004 medallion. If you have one you would like to swap sell or trade, give Kim a call at: 541-523-3349 Thank you.

MSHA classes are scheduled for March 6th at 8:00 am. They will be held across from the Oregon Trail Restaurant in the meeting room above the motel. There will be a $10 per person charge. The new miner class will be scheduled in April.


A tape worm parasite has been found in two-thirds of wolf carcasses examined in Idaho. From the wolf, the parasite is spread to other warm blooded animals, mostly through contact with dried wolf scat in the wild. Infection of ungulates (hoofed animals) is obviously through air currents spreading the eggs to grass and surrounding vegetation that ungulates eat. A dog, sniffing the dried scat of a wolf, as dogs do with the scat of any animal, is sufficient to cause the eggs to go airborne, infecting the dog's nostrils, mouth and getting on the fur where they can be transmitted to anyone handling or petting the dog. Once infected with dog tape worm, the ranch and house dogs will contaminate the yard, porches, living rooms etc with hydatid eggs. There is no escape from this! Ten to twenty years down the road, hydatid disease will raise its head, in particular in persons who as toddlers crawled over floors walked over by people and dogs carrying in hydatid eggs from the outside.


At the last meeting the members and the board approved a motion to order the 2010 medallions. Kim Lethlean, Medallion Chairman informed us at our February meeting that the minting of our medallion will be held up. One half of our dies broke and another on will have to be made before minting can proceed. So it may be March before we get our medallion order. We will be sure to post it in our newsletter when we have them in our hands and for sale.... Thanks for being patient....

We are currently sold out of the 2009's and the 2008's. These medallions are going fast with silver on the rise. So get your order in now for the 2010's. Make sure you get yours before they run out. I was just informed by Kim Lethlean that the 2010 Silver Medallions will be in shortly. The price will be $30 dollars plus $1 dollar shipping. If you have never seen our medallions, they have a gold pan with real gold nuggets in it. Pretty cool huh.


The Bull Trout listing will affect everybody in the Pacific Northwest. Even if the stream don't have any Bull Trout habitat, the streams are still listed. About the only stream I didn't see listed is Elk Creek, they must have missed it because they sure didn't miss any other one. Irrigatior's will have to leave the water in the creek that the US Fish and Wild Life thinks is critical to the Bull Trout. Water to the ranchers is critical to the profitability of the farms and ranches in this high desert county.

In California in the San Joaquin Valley a huge agriculture area lost it's water to the Delta Smelt. Over eighty thousand people are out of work, almond groves have died for lack of water. We import over 55% of all our food, and Fish and Game are hauling Bull Trout around and dumping them where they think is suitable so they can control that water shed also.

Baker Counties Coordination Plan is almost in place, thank God. There needs to be a county plan for the Bull Trout and make the Fish and Game tier their plan to the Counties. And they wonder why the people are looking for a tall tree and a short rope.

This just in Vicki Flashman from Joseph, Oregon just did some back tracking. Vickie tracked down the company that did the background and came up with all the scientific data on the Bull Trout for the Forest Service, a company called Nature Serve. Back tracking Nature Serve she found out the parent organization of Nature Serve was the one and only Nature Conservancy, Oh really, imagine that!!!


It is clear the state agencies want to increase their money intake by regulating dredging permits. But, it is also clear that DEQ lost on this round, which means that the Northwest Environmental Defense Center, (NEDC) and Hells Canyon Preservation Council (HCPC) are also on the winning side, because the goal for them was also that the permit be invalidated, but for different reasons. And, they have specifically stated that they plan to appeal to the Oregon Supreme Court. I also have to agree with our lawyer James Buchal, because although we could counter what the NEDC was stating, that is, DEQ can mix up and regulate all pollutants no matter whether the Act itself separates the categories, the NEDC has stated their intentions to appeal the case, if they do not win. Therefore, we might as well wait and see how the Court responds to our motion to reconsider. It will save us some money.

The Court can read the same statutes that we do and although they didn't yet decide cleanly in its conclusion, they may more cleanly decide in our favor after reading our Motion. Coordination With Counties The problem with some of the counties, like Baker, it signed an MOU with the FS giving Baker County cooperating status instead of coordinating status. It does not yet look like we can get Baker to properly require coordination for other issues, because it requires them to confront and conflict with the agencies and at the moment Baker commissioners want to enjoy their good working relationship with the agencies. Meanwhile, its economic base from the natural resources are slipping away. This is another issue we will eventually have to look at.


Just picked up the new calendars, they are excellent. Just in time for holiday gift giving and the new year. Fill out the flyer in the newsletter to order your 2010 calendars today. If you liked the prior years, you're sure to love this one too. The 2010 edition includes all the important dates, contact info, and mining facts that you've come to rely on plus a whole new array of pictures. With gold prices making history in 2009, some great operations began so don't miss seeing some of the snapshots. Order one for your house, one for your cabin, yer out house, and give em as gifts... all year long... they're collectable! If you missed out on the First or Second Edition of this collectable set, we may be able to come up with another 2007, 2008 or 2009 calendar for about five bucks apiece, plus another buck for postage B just send us a note with your completed order form and check. The 2010's are just $7.50 plus one dollar postage, or 3 for just $20. Prior issues are just $5.00 apiece plus one dollar shipping.


The ongoing case of the BLM confiscating Guy Michael's equipment from his mining claim has been taken to a new level. Fred Kelly Grant, prominent lawyer and head of Stewards of the Range has taken up the cause. Recently Fred recommended that Guy file a violation of his Civil Rights against BLM. Therefore federal agencies are subject to the laws in each State concerning property. ORS 517.080, which describes an un-patented mining claim as real estate. Lack of due process is a violation of civil rights and in part are based on the laws of the State of Oregon concerning real property laws.

Anybody wanting to contribute to help defend Guy's private property rights, please send to: EOMA, Guy Michael, Legal Fund, PO Box 932, Baker City, OR 97814.

We are currently running three legal funds. The Guy Michael's Legal Fund, defending Guy from confiscation of his equipment and a violation of his civil rights. Our Oregon Miners Legal fund, which covers the expense of our on going litigation with DEQ over dredging in Oregon. Our EOMA Legal fund which is a discretionary legal fund to fight or fund the unexpected. When you contribute, please designate which legal fund to put it in. If you don't designate which fund, we will put it where the fire is the hottest.

We would like to thank everybody that has donated to these legal funds, your names are to numerous to mention. The one that does stand out is Joe Mann from Kansas City. Joe donates each month to our legal fund. I and the Mining Association would like to thank you and the Show Me Gold mining club back in Kansas and Missouri for all your support you have shown thru the years. Thanks Joe........


It only costs $1.00 per month to run your ad in the EOMA newsletter. Send your ad and payment to: EOMA, Attn. Editor, PO Box 932, Baker City, OR 97814.

FUN SIDE OF MINING WITH EOMP Lets support our sister organization, they have supported us with their membership and contributions to our legal fund. I have attended several of these and they are a lot of fun. Chuck Chase, Executive Director, EOMA (Eastern Oregon Miners & Prospectors Inc) For a $75.00 annual family membership you can mine on any of our claims all you want, any time you want, keep all you find. We will show you how if necessary. For more info write to: EOMP P.O. Box 66 Baker City, Or 97814 www.eomp.org

FOR SALE (6) Eighty acre association placer claim on Elk Creek. Good dredging creek, for more information call 541-523-3285.

FOR SALE (6) Mining Equipment, Air Tugger $500, John Deer 440, $4,000, High volume pump, $500, Schram Pneumatractor 105 CFM $400, 3 inch centrifugal pump $350, 12 inch auger, steel housed, 16 feet $600, Four cylinder LeRoy gas engine $500, 6 inch auger drill, mounted on jeep pickup, 50 feet of drill auger, $5,000, 160 CFM Jagear compressor $2,000, 2 inch Jagear twin diaphragm air mine pump, 500, Gear reduction unit, $250, Ford 1900 series tractor, $2,000, Two wheel trailer frame, $150, EX diamond drill 3 sets of bits, 600 feet drill rods and core barrel/underground power, $5,000, Equipment trailer, 14 ft. bed, $1,000, New 30 inch centrifugal concentrator with 3 inch portable pump, 20 yd per hour, seller will deliver, $24,000, 1 cubic yard cement mixer $500, 500 gallon gas drum $200, One ton mine car $800, 60 CFM compressor, $550, High pressure Bean pump, gas engine, $500, Joy AX diamond drill on skids/needs engine, $1,000, 1975 4x4 pickup, $1,000, Stearns cross magnetic belt gold separator, $1,300, FIC# 503-OW 3 inch high pressure ship pump, mounted on skids, $2,500, 1965 International Scout 4x4, new tires, $2,000. For more information call Miles Mitchell at:541-672-1592.

FOR SALE (6) Older 4 inch dredge, new hoses, 8 hp Brigs pump. $400. Call Ken at 541-403-0617

FOR SALE (6) Patented property for sale near Granite. There is 11.63 acres in Grant County, the mine known as the Golden Hill Quartz mine and adjacent to the Buffalo Mine and the Boston Mine properties. It is about one mile off the highway, it has been in the family since 1840's. Price $65,000, call Linda Curphey at: 541-963-4513.