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- 20161006

Volume 325

Meetings are held on the first Friday of the month. The next meeting is Friday, OCTOBER 7TH, 2016 at the Baker City Hall. The building is located at 1st and Auburn Streets in Baker City. The Board meeting starts at 6:00 PM. The general meeting starts at 6:30 PM. Everyone is welcome to attend these meetings. Don’t forget there is a drawing for a $50 silver medallion at the meeting!

The Record of Decision for the Granite Mining Projects FEIS was signed by Ranger Tomac (Whitman Unit of Wallowa-Whitman N.F.) and Ranger Ian Reed (Ukiah District Umatilla N.F) on June 17, 2016. That's three months ago. During that three month period, not a single Plan of Operation has been approved. The Forest Service is still unable to get its job done in a timely manner, especially when it comes to facilitating the development of minerals.

Another concern is that the FEIS did not analyze the Plans of Operation that were submitted by the miners. Under FOIA, EOMA received copies of the Plans submitted by the miners. The September 27, 2011 Granite Watershed Mining EIS Proposed Action lists these projects and the project areas to be surveyed and analyzed in the EIS. BlueSky Bull Run lists a 10 acre project area, but in the FEIS this area was reduced to 1.7 acres, Eddy Shipman lists a 5 acre project area, but in the FEIS the area was reduced to 2.5 acres. Grubsteak goes from a 5 acre project area to 2 acres, Hopeful 1 from a 2 acre project area to 1 acre, Lucky Strike from a 3 acre project area to 2 acres, Make It from a 3 acre project area to 2 acre, Royal White from a 10 acre project area to 3 acres, Yellow Jacket from a 10 acre project area to 7.5 acres. There is a big disconnect between what the miners proposed and what was analyzed in the FEIS. It is not hard to understand why more and more miners are disillusioned and frustrated with the FS process, and the way it is being carried out. Waiting years and years for the FS to approve their plans to develop their valuable deposits and then having their target areas arbitrarily limited is unacceptable.
Miners cannot let what happened to so many Granite watershed miners happen again. You miners in the Powder watershed (above and below Phillips Lake Reservoir), be sure you state the size of your project area in your Plan of Operation, and stick with it. A map with a scale also is helpful. The Forest Service does not have the right to arbitrarily reduce your proposed project area size.

Say that your project area is ten acres. That is not what you will be bonded for, it is just the area within which you will be approved to work. If test holes are proposed at a small size, such as 20'X30', within your 10 acre project area, then one 20'X30' excavation is the disturbance you can have open at a given time; and that is what the bond will be based on.

Mike Hall, a consultant, formerly with the Forest Service, is meeting with miners who have submitted Plans of Operation this fall, looking over each miner's project area. Remember, this Plan will be approved for a ten year period. Propose a project area that will actually allow you to test and mine.

JEREMIAH JOINS DOGAMI GOVERNING BOARD- Oregon Dept. of Geology and Mineral Industries
Katie Jeremiah of Eugene has been appointed by Governor Kate Brown and confirmed by the Oregon State Senate to serve a four-year term on the Governing Board of the Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Industries (DOGAMI). Jeremiah is the co-owner of Aggregate Resource Industries Inc., a Springfield rock drilling and blasting operation owned and operated by the Jeremiah family since the 1970s. She is also an attorney at Jordan Ramis PC, where she specializes in construction and mining law, and serves as vice chairman of the Oregon Concrete & Aggregate Producers Association Board of Directors.

Jeremiah graduated from Oregon State University with a B.S. degree in construction engineering management and from Lewis & Clark Law School with dual certificates in environmental law and business law. The DOGAMI Governing Board sets policy and oversees general operations, and adopts a strategic plan every six years to guide DOGAMI's mission and objectives. The Board meets quarterly at sites around the state. As active members of their communities, board members provide an important connection between Oregonians and DOGAMI's mission to provide earth science information and regulation to make Oregon safe and prosperous.

Miners who failed to pay fees or file their small miner waiver with BLM by September 1 have lost their claims. It is important to refile before someone else files the claim. BLM prefers that the proof of labor and the waiver come in at the same time, but the reality is, that the waiver, which costs nothing and does not need to be recorded at the County, is due Sept 1, while your proof of labor, which must be recorded at the county, does not have to go into BLM until the end of December. The only leeway BLM gives, is if you located the claim that same year, they will let you file a notice of intent to hold.
Documents Postmarked Fee
Form 3830-2 Maintenance Fee Waiver On or before September 1 None
Proof of Labor/Affidavit of Annual Assessment On or before December 30 $10/claim
Notice of Intent to Hold On or before December 30 $10/claim

Recently there has been interest in reorganizing the mining districts throughout the west, and MMAC has been leading the charge in that direction.

A mining right is a powerful, and not commonly understood, concept that is all too often watered down by agency regulatory interference, and exacerbated by the lack of knowledge from most of the mining community in the 21st century. This right to mine is an action (prospecting, extraction), as distinguished from idle ownership. Very few people understand the significance of this right . A miner's right to choose to actively engage in mining, stems from the 1866 and 1872 mining law grant from Congress (codified at 30 U.S.C. sections 22-54). With the help of MMAC, we are putting this jig saw puzzle together one piece at a time. Can the agencies require mitigations to help mitigate the surface impacts? Yes (according to the 9th circuit court) so long as their actions do not unreasonable prohibit, hinder, or clash with the miners property right to mine. The same interaction can apply to State agencies on federally managed lands. As we put Mining Districts together we will be contacting miners within each respective district for a Mining District miners meeting.

Blue Cañon (Auburn) Mining District, Baker County, Oregon
The Blue Cañon Mining District (aka: Auburn Mining District) is getting organized and updated with the assistance of the Minerals and Mining advisory Council (MMAC).
The Blue Cañon Mining District is located in Baker County, Oregon, and was established July 21, 1862. The original bylaws have been located. A meeting will be held on Saturday November 5th, 2016, at Chase’s Mining and Assay Lab, located at 740 Valley Ave., Baker City, Oregon. The Scheduled time is approximately 2:00 PM. This meeting is also advertised in the October issue of the International California Mining Journal (ICMJ).

All interested claim holders in the Blue Cannon Mining District are encouraged to attend and participate. This general membership meeting will discuss the bylaws, elect officers, and discuss steps necessary for federal recognition under the 1872 Mining Law. For more information contact Chuck Chase via email at chase3285@msn.com or call (541) 523-3285. (Please leave a message and a call back number and we will return your call as soon as possible.

Earlier this year, Calico Resources sold their Grassy Mountain Project to Paramount Gold Nevada. Since 1984, over $30,000,000 has been invested in exploration, with no DOGAMI permit in sight.

Most of you know Leon Dale, who relocated to Baker City from the South, and who mined for several years before an ATV accident. Leon has decided his mining days are behind him, but he wants other miners to have the opportunity to find that illusive gold. Leon has donated a Minelab SD 2200-D metal detector, with discrimination, to EOMA, and we are selling chances for you to win this detector. This is a complete set up. It comes with a battery, a spare battery, a large and a small head, a carrying case, belt, pick holder and a complete charging package. Also included are the instruction books. I checked on ebay and there is a similar unit for $2,500.

We will pick the winner of this detector at the December EOMA meeting. It would make the perfect Christmas present for the miner in your life (which might just be yourself!). You do not need to be present to win. We are selling tickets for $1 for one ticket or 6 tickets for $5. See the ticket form attached to this newsletter. Fill out the Multiple Entry Form along with your check and send to EOMA, P.O. Box 932, Baker City, OR 97814. We will fill your tickets out for you.

Many people who live in Eastern Oregon and rural areas are frustrated with the lack of understanding Willamette Valley voters have when it comes to natural resource uses. It’s time to really think about the upcoming elections and what will be best for rural Oregonians.

Kate Brown has not been a friend of mining. We have a real choice with Bud Pierce for governor. As Governor of Oregon, Bud Pierce has stated that he will fight to take back our public lands from Federal mismanagement. He also is an advocate of local control. It is not just about voting along party lines, although most Democrats seem opposed to natural resource uses. Find out where the person you are voting for stands on resource use.
Senator Betsy Johnson, a Democrat, has helped miners and worked to defeat Senate Bill 838. (Shutting down mining in Oregon.) It was actually a Republican, Senator Fred Girod, who cast the deciding vote to pass SB838. If you are in Betsy's district she is a good choice no matter what your party is. Representative Brad Whitt is another Democrat that voted against Senate Bill 838.

Dennis Richardson is running for Secretary of State. He made a good showing when he ran for governor last time. He is an experienced State Legislator, and was an a army combat helicopter pilot in Vietnam. Oregon needs a Secretary of State who is not just a "yes man".

Jeff Gudman is running for State Treasurer. Oregon's excessive spending needs to come to a halt. We need a person in this position who understands the need for a balanced budget, and Jeff will fill this bill.

Donald Crowe is the man we need as Oregon State Attorney general. If you look at a case like the Hammonds, and what Oregon did to them, you can see how powerful this position is. We need to vote Donald Crowe for Attorney General.
The Western Culture Conservancy, headed by Kerby Jackson, has now taken over sponsorship of the drawing for 1/2 pound of gold. In the last two newsletters, we listed Galice and Waldo Mining Districts as the sponsors. The change was made because Western Culture Conservancy is a nonprofit corporation, while Galice and Waldo were not. If you already bought tickets, they are safely in the box and eligible for the drawings.

Besides the drawing for the gold, there will also be drawings for all kinds of mining equipment. The proceeds from ticket sales will go to help pay legal fees for several law suits which are critical to keeping Oregon miners mining. The preliminary drawing will be held December 2, 2016, when several prizes will be given away. The final drawing for 1/2 pound of gold will be held on June 2, 2017. You do not need to be present to win!

EOMA medallions are beautiful proof grade one ounce silver medallions with the addition of real gold “nuggets” in the pan. We still have a limited supply of previous year's medallions, as well as the gorgeous 2016 medallions. These are currently selling for $50.00 apiece plus $5.00 shipping, handling, and insurance. (Prices are subject to change). You can order yours from the EOMA website, and pay by pay-pal. Or, you can send $50 plus $5.00 shipping and handling to EOMA, Medallions, PO Box 932, Baker City, OR 97814, or call 541-523-3285.

Sharon Glazebrook has informed us that long time friend and EOMA member passed away on August 29, 2016. Bob Glazebrook was an avid miner and prospector. Both he and Sharon helped me organize the Eastern Oregon Miners and Prospectors (EOMP). They were also instrumental in helping me stake and file claims for the EOMP members. They owned and mined several claims in the Granite area. We will sorely miss you Bob…..

Eastern Oregon Mining Association and Oregon Mining Association have Facebook pages.
https://www.facebook.com/OregonMiningAssociation/ OMA has a link to the report to the legislature on the mineral resource potential of Southern and Eastern Oregon.


The advertising listings are only $1 per month to get your ad listed below. Send your ad to: EOMA, Box 932, Baker City, OR 97814 along with your remittance for each month you want us to run your ad. The number next to your ad is how many months your ad has run.

Big Horse Customs has experienced heavy equipment mechanics, a mobile service truck and we can do your welding, fabrication and repairs. Call Sam at 541-519-5751  or  541-519-8196.

These claims are located on Bullrun Creek, downstream of the Record Mine. The price is $30,000 and includes the trommel, conveyor, and generator in a cabover van truck with sliding door. A Plan of Operation has been submitted to the Forest Service. There is plenty of water and a good processing site. In 1940-1941, 2,161 ounces of gold and 253 ounces of silver were recovered from these claims, and from the adjacent private land, according to the State Department of Geology. If you are interested, call Ray Andrews at 541-446-3449.

FOR SALE M35A2 Army truck w /mounted 10" x 26" reconditioned Austin-Western jaw crusher and new 50 HP Kohler gas driver; discharge classifier.  Used Kamflex elevator feeding new Stuttenroth 2tph impact mill & new 18 HP clutched Honda gas driver w/ classifying variable speed vibratory discharge feeder, all with approx. 12 hrs use.  $40,000 (includes powder magazine below).
POWDER MAGAZINE New ATF approved 17" x 24"W x 48'L powder magazine (1/2" thick.  Steel, plywood lined) 800 lb. w/ dolly.

FLOTATION SYSTEM Enclosed trailer mounted flotation system; 8 rebuilt DECO # 5 sub-A float cells plumbed in 4 sets of pairs in series, varispeed paddle system.  Onan 10kw generator, 2 new 35 gal. gas tanks, new 29 gal 150 psi compressor w/ air system plumbed for 120, 90, & 15 psi, 1000 lb electric hoist.  Outrigger stabilization jacks for leveling in the field, 1/8" containment deck, new tires, 384 watts of fluor. lights.  $14,000.00.
Contact Alan Rathmacher, (208) 521-3649 or alanrathmacher@gmail.com   photos available

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Wanted:  Full time caretaker for remote property about 20 miles from John Day, Oregon. Primitive, well insulated house, wood heat only, good water from spring.  Off the grid, power from gas generator if needed.  ¼ mile level driveway off county maintained road.  Must have own chain saw, 4 x 4 vehicle with chains, cut own firewood, and help with chores.  Inquire by e-mail (tseal@unr.edu) or by mail to Caretaker, PO Box 8353, Spring Creek, NV 89815.