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- 20180803

Volume 347

Meetings are held on the first Friday of the month. The next meeting will be Friday, AUGUST 3RD 2018 at the Baker City Hall. The building is located at 1st and Auburn Streets in Baker City. The Board meeting starts at 6:00 PM. The general meeting starts at 6:30 PM.
Everyone is welcome to attend these meetings. There is time for discussing mining and getting to know other miners. As usual there will be a drawing for a $50 silver medallion at the meeting!

As a young person, if I complained about a law that I thought was unfair, I was told that if I didn’t like the law, then work to change it. I was also told that following the law is important. The EOMA has long been guided by those principles. Unfortunately, the Forest Service is ignoring existing law in order to obtain its objective of closing roads. EOMA has sent the FS a “letter of intent to sue”. Why? Because the FS is disregarding the law and has inappropriately taken a miner’s reclamation bond money to destroy a perfectly good bridge that provides access to many unpatented mining claims. This bridge is part of a right of way that has been in existence since 1889. FS is ignoring Baker County RS 2477 rights of way and has stated that the county must sue in court to prove right of ways. The Forest Service has also disregarded the County’s request to co-ordinate its planning process with Baker County. The Blue Mountain Plan Revision creates “non-motorized areas” next to existing wildernesses, which violates the Wilderness Act which specifically forbids buffer areas around designated wilderness areas.
The Forest Service continues to close the forest to multiple uses, even though Congress has not authorized such closures. The Law that created the National Forests specified, “Nor shall anything herein prohibit any person from entering upon such forest reservations for all proper and lawful purposes, including that of prospecting, locating, and developing the mineral resources thereof”.

History of the East Eagle Bridge
In the old days (1889) East Eagle Creek was crossed at a wooden bridge by many miners who had claims upstream of the bridge (claims date from 1889-to present in this area). When the bridge would wash out, miners would ford the creek with horses, but would reconstruct the bridge periodically to bring wagons across. The miners improved the trail long before the Forest Proclamation, thus, the road qualifies as an RS2477 County road.
In 1957, George Griffin pulled out the remains of one of the old bridges and constructed a good wooden bridge so he could drive his dump truck across the creek (George Griffin journal).
Many miners and the public have used the wooden bridge over the past 50 years.
Jim Crotty had filed a plan of operation in 1998, at which time the wooden bridge was still in place. This Plan ran until 2008 (later it was extended until 2010). It did not require removal of the wooden bridge across East Eagle Creek as part of the reclamation plan.
Jim became ill, and Tom and Carol Griffin, who had been working with Jim Crotty, assumed the Plan of Operation filed by Crotty. It was then, that the Forest Service added to the Plan that the bridge would be removed when all mining was completed. At that time, (1) no one knew this was a county right-of-way and (2) Griffins knew they would not be done mining in their lifetime because of the quantity of ore available to mine. Thus, they agreed to this additional stipulation to their Plan.
Griffins maintained the wooden bridge for use by themselves and for the two miners upstream who also used the bridge, Dale Hoopes and Dennis Amos. Dale owns three claims, Dennis owns two claims, in addition to Carol and Tom’s nine claims.
When bridge maintenance became excessive, Tom asked the Forest Service if he could replace the old wooden bridge with a steel bridge. Tom coordinated the installation with Margaret Durner, Forest Service Minerals Technician. Installation took place in October 1999. Vern Trowbridge, Forest Service engineer, was on site and approved the installation.

East Eagle Creek Bridge
MINERS JUBILEE JULY 20-22 2018—Chuck Chase
It was a good three-day event. We got a chance to talk to a lot of miners and let people know about the Forest Service taking Tom Griffin’s bond money to remove the East Eagle County bridge. After they talked with us, a group of ATV riders went up to take a look at the bridge. Many people from Baker and from Richland and Halfway expressed their concern over the Forest Service proposal. People like to ride, pack with mules, camp and recreate in the area upstream of the bridge. The miners, who would have their access denied, were particularly angry about these actions.

On a happier note, the Burnt River 4-H Geology group helped kids and adults learn to pan. Our panning tub was one of the highlights of Miners Jubilee! Many thanks to Alice Knapp for donating the gold. The DeWalt chain saw, donated by Frank Mason, was won by Chuck Chase. The suction dredge was won by the winner of the professional panning event, Dennis Rexroad. With luck like that he needs to buy a lottery ticket. A special thanks to Jack Cogswell and all of you that donated items for the Silent Auction, which is our major fund raiser each year.

The thirty sixth Oregon Gold Panning Championship brought in miners from all over to compete in the championship event and win a pay check. Some kids spent the day prior to the panning event practicing in the gold panning tubs set up by the Eastern Oregon Mining Association. Ash Grove Cement Company again sponsored the Oregon State Panning Championships and has also helped out over the years with salting the panning tubs with gold for the kids. Thanks again, Ash Grove, for your support.
Kid’s Championship
The winner of the kid’s event was Alaine Sames of Boise, Idaho who took first. In second place was Coleson Schroeder of Baker City, Oregon. And in third place was Marshall Mather from Triangle Lake, Oregon.
Amateur Championship
First Place went to Scott Carter of Wilder, Idaho. Second Place went to Cassie Martin of Baker City, Oregon. Third Place went to Evangeline Rexroad of Baker City.
Professional Championship
The First Place went to Dennis Rexroad of Baker City, Oregon. The Second Place went to Bill McClure of Baker City, Oregon. And Third Place went to Joseph Martin of Baker City, Oregon.

We sold several medallions at Miners Jubilee, but still have some for sale. The medallions are currently selling for $50.00 apiece plus $5.00 shipping, handling, and insurance. (Prices are subject to change). You can order yours from the EOMA website and pay by pay-pal. Or, you can send $50 plus $5.00 shipping and handling to EOMA, Medallions, PO Box 932, Baker City, OR 97814, or call 541-523-3285. Also, you can buy them at our EOMA meetings.

On August 14, 2014, EOMA made comments on the Revised Forest Plan. One of the biggest concerns with the plan is that the Forest will be closed to access, except for designated routes. Four years later they have produced a 2,000 plus page document for us to review before August 26, 2018. Baker County requested an extension of time so the public could have enough time to read the document and make their objections. This request was denied by Tom Montoya, Forest Supervisor.

One very significant problem with the revised document, is that the Forest Service included two brand new alternatives! According to NEPA, significant changes to an EIS require the Forest Service to first publish a supplement, explaining how these two new alternatives (one of which the Forest Service proposes as their preferred alternative) are different from the original preferred alternative. Once again, they have jumped the gun, failed to publish a supplement, and went forth with the final EIS. The Forest Service has failed to follow the legal procedure-first publish a supplement with the two new alternatives, allow the public time to comment, then publish the final EIS.

USFS Mining Regulations Revision
The US Forest Service (USFS) has announced its intent to propose updates to its locatable minerals regulations under 30 CFR Part 228A (228A regs) beginning with the publication of an Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (ANPR) seeking public comments. The ANPR is currently under review at the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) and will be open for comment in the coming weeks. The proposed changes largely reflect many of the changes proposed by the Service in 2008 that were made in response to reforms recommended by the 1999 National Research Council publication, “Hardrock Mining on Federal Lands.” In addition to changes considered under the 2008 proposal, USFS is also evaluating further revisions in the following areas of the 228A regs:
• Potential provision of a more efficient process for approving small, low-impact, short-term operations;
• Clarification of the requirements for submitting, receiving, reviewing, and approving plans of operations, so that operators and authorized officers alike are able to understand the requirements and provide a more complete and thorough plan of operations, thus reducing the review time needed to accept a plan prior to environmental analysis;
• Modification of approved plans of operations in light of new circumstances or information;
• Clarification of the processes followed for inspection and noncompliance, including allowing additional tools to address operations that are not in compliance with an approved plan of operation but which are not causing unnecessary or unreasonable injury, loss, or damage to surface resources;
• Addressing uses reasonably incidental to mining in a manner similar to those articulated by the procedures adopted by the Bureau of Land Management at 43 CFR part 3800, Subpart 3809;
• Updating the rules governing financial guarantees, including criteria for estimating reclamation costs as well as the list of acceptable financial instrument , specifically addressing when the operator or the FS can initiate a review of an approved reclamation cost estimate, and ensuring the agency’s ability to provide for operation and maintenance of long-term liabilities (such as water treatment plans and tailings impoundments), in the event that the operator is no longer capable of doing so, and Specification of the process that the USFS would use in determining whether proposed locatable mineral operations may be conducted on any area of segregated or withdrawn USFS lands.
Under IFPL III Partial Shutdown - The following are permitted to operate between the hours of 8 P.M. and 1 P.M. local time:
• Tractor, skidder, feller-buncher, forwarder or shovel logging operations where tractors, skidders, or other equipment with a blade capable of constructing fireline are immediately available to quickly reach and effectively attack a fire start
• Mechanized loading or hauling of any product or material; blasting
• Welding or cutting of metal
• Any other spark emitting operation not specifically mentioned

Any operation after 1:00PM will require a waiver. One interesting thing about the IFPL is these restrictions were obviously designed for logging operations. The Forest Service requires miners to apply for a waiver, but in recent years the FS has arbitrarily denied waivers up front and will not allow miners to work. In contrast, the BLM checks each operation for safety and submits the waiver to the fire officer with its recommendations. These operations are usually approved to work. The FS used to use the same process. No more! Forest Service routinely denies miners’ waivers no matter how safe from fire risk your operation may be.

Washing rocks in a washing plant in a cleared area with spark arrestors, fire extinguishers, pumps, water ponds, dozers and backhoes available for fire control is really a no-brainer. BLM understands mining, the Forest Service seems to have an agenda discouraging mineral development.

It is legal in Oregon to use a sluicebox in-stream if you only process instream material through the sluice. On page 6 of the 700PM permit, it states: “1. In-water non-motorized mining. No application for discharges from in-water non-motorized mining equipment. Persons conducting in-water non-motorized mining must have a copy of the permit in their possession or readily available for inspection at the mining location. Hand panning is exempt from regulations.

Many thanks to Jason Todd for contacting DEQ and for providing this information to us.

In this newsletter, you will find a waiver form for the period September 1, 2018 to September 1 2019 (reserving your claims for next year). You will also find an Affidavit of Annual Assessment work form (used to be called Proof of Labor). This is for the period September 1, 2017 to September 1, 2018. If you haven’t gotten your assessment work done yet, get it done ASAP-$100 worth of work per claim, and get your affidavit recorded at the county and sent to BLM. Be sure to send your waiver in at the same time. There is no fee for the waiver, $10 per claim for the affidavit.

The address is: Bureau of Land Management, Oregon State Office,
P.O. Box 2965, Portland, OR 97208



For Sale
1. Multi Quip 3/8 yard cement mixer Model MC-94P with Honda 8 hp motor. It has a polyurethane drum and is on a single axel for easy towing. It is an ex Home Depot rental unit. Asking $1,500.00. Call Jack at 208-284-5882 (Boise)
2. Syntron Magnetic Vibrator Model V-50-01. This is a fairly husky unit that bolts on to bine, chutes where material being fed does not flow smoothly. I used it to move material out of bins and chutes. It is single phase and draws 4.5 amps.
3. Krebs Hydrocyclones, 1 Model D4 and 1 Model D6, which I used to thicken my fine tailings. I have specs and installation instructions from Krebs. Asking $250.00 each. Call Jack at 208-284-5882 (Boise)
4. Portable 2 inch Water pump with 3.5hp Honda gas engine. $100.00. Call Jack at 208-284-5882 (Boise)
5. Sample Splitters, one with 22 slots, 3/4 inch wide, @ $150.00; and one with 12 slots, 5/8 inch wide, @$100.00.
6. Transformer,480/240/120 volt, 3phase or single phase. $150.00. Call Jack at 208-284-5882 (Boise)
7. S+S Controls Heavy Duty Motor Starter, 3 phase, 480 /220 volt. Rated for motor horsepower up to 55 horse. $350.00. Call Jack at 208-284-5882 (Boise)
8. Wilden 1 1/2 inch Chemical Solution Polyethylene Pump Model M4/Pt/Tf/Tf/Pt s/n 364361. New condition, never used. Air driven. $500.00. Call Jack at 208-284-5882 (Boise)
9. Onan 75kw Generator, older but with very low hours. Recently installed updated exciter circuit. $6,500.00. Call Jack at 208-284-5882 (Boise).

This 20 Acre claim is located on the North Fork of the Burnt River in the Wallowa-Whitman National Forest. Burnt River Road runs parallel to the river from one end of the claim to the other offering excellent access to the river and campsite. Claim contains over ¼ mile of river open to dredging. Copies of approved 2017 DEQ permit 600 PM and 2017 DEQ 700 PM (4” suction dredge) available. This claim is for sale for $2500. Contact Joe Toce email: toceja@hotmail.com

Looking for someone mechanically inclined to learn and run a hard rock gold mill. One may be available for scrap price. Time to pass on the technology and know-how. Need a younger working partner and gold ore to run. Dr. Thom: tseal@unr.edu

Ed Hardt is selling his placer mining equipment. Ed's trommel is 20 feet long, 5 feet in diameter, gear driven, positive drive. It will process up to 100 yards a day, will not slip or spin out. Also one three inch pump, a two inch pump, two and three inch flat hose, and a generator. Call 541-377-9209 or email Ed at twohardts@hotmail.com. Price for all is $15,000.

Patsy and Randy Stockam are moving to Alabama in the next few months and have some mining equipment to sell. A Gold Grabber Highbanker with pump and hose. Asking $600.00. Text Patsy at 541-786-1080 if you are interested.

5 unpatented placer claims (160 acres) located on Elk Creek near Baker City.
Sale includes all equipment (2 excavators, dump truck, trommel, pumps, generators, etc).
Site was featured on the cover of ICMJ’s Prospecting and Mining Journal (August 2014).
Approved Plan of Operation with US Forest Service in place and can be transferred (expires 2021)
DEQ process permit goes with the sale of the claims. For price, pictures and details, call Don Enright, 509-860-1145 or email:  donaldenright25@gmail.com

Because of health reasons, we are selling our two 80 acre Association Placer Claims. These two claims are the last two claims on the top end of Elk Creek, a short distance from Baker City. A road goes through most of it. Sell for $7,000 each, will take gold, silver or will sell for a lesser price for cash. Call Ken at 541-519-9497 or Chuck at 541-310-8510.

This claim is located on McCully Creek on the Wallowa-Whitman National Forest just west of the town of Sumpter. Good access, off-channel water is available for processing. DEQ process permit goes with the sale of the claim. Plan of Operation is scheduled to be approved for 2019 work. Call Charles Stewart at 541-910-5435 for more information.

Wanted:  Full time caretaker for remote property about 20 miles from John Day, Oregon. Primitive, well insulated house, wood heat only, good water from spring.  Off the grid, power from gas generator if needed.  ¼ mile level driveway off county maintained road.  Must have own chain saw, 4 x 4 vehicle with chains, cut own firewood, and help with chores.  Inquire by e-mail (tseal@unr.edu) or by mail to Caretaker, PO Box 8353, Spring Creek, NV 89815.

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4-inch dredge $600
Paula Noah 208 421 2535
East of Boise- could deliver to Baker