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- Miner K A
- 03/27/2009


For many years I have been trying to warn as many people as possible from the President on down, that the policies, laws and programs we have enacted and engage in are a serious threat to our economy.

The breakdown has begun!

We have regulated ourselves out of business and it will continue to worsen until we recognize this fact and remove enough of these regulations to allow Americans to go back to work. Our basic industries (oil, mining, lumber and food production - that are the foundation of any economy) have been seriously impacted. No business or industry can operate without a source of supply. We must recover the resources and produce of the earth.

We cannot afford to buy these products from foreign sources because all original wealth comes from the ground and even more countries are refusing to accept our paper dollars which are losing value every day. To turn the economy around and create the money we need to prevent complete bankruptcy I recommend the following actions be taken immediately.

Declare an Economic Emergency!

1. Suspend all regulations that are delaying or impeding production of vital resources and produce that are necessary to keep our processing industries and factories at work.
2. Declare a moratorium on all new regulations, land withdrawals etc. that restrict access and use of the land.
3. Stop the Government purchase of private land. This takes it off the tax rolls and stops productive use.
4. Charge the agencies that have caused much of the problems (i.e. National Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, Bureau of Reclamation, Fish and Wildlife Service, etc.) with responsibility for improving productive use of land under their jurisdiction.
5. Declare a moratorium on all legal actions that delay or attempt to stop recovery of earth resources (oil, minerals, lumber, farm products, power, etc.).
6. Plaintiffs on suits that proceed should post bonds to cover losses caused by their actions if suit is lost.
7. Reduce the size of the land control agencies to the 1965 level. We were productive and prosperous at that level and our country got along fine without most of the activities we have invented to employ these people.

If we sit on our hands and do nothing, millions of jobs and businesses will be lost. Act now or we'll never get another chance.